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December 10, 2020

Styled Shoot Success

Styled Shoot Success: The 3 shots you need

Our last featured shoot ‘Modern Pastels’ was so popular, I wanted to share one of our best styled shoot tips – the three crucial photos I always make sure we get for our shoots – and use it as an example.

We all want to be different. To ‘surprise and delight’ as they say. Heck – the last email I sent basically said we all have to keep putting new things. And while all that is absolutely true, there are definitely some things that editors and couples are looking for from your shoots, past the basic submission requirements. Maybe they’re not even aware of it. I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you that there are three kinds of photos I always make sure are in the final shoot gallery.

#1: Model Movement

Static, super posed shots of your models scream ‘old fashioned!’ 

Just as you would for a real wedding, give your models some movement prompts. Have them interact with their wardrobe. Just having them walk across the set as we had the model here do will work wonders for photo variety

While posed shots can be nice, you will definitely need some variation or they story you’re telling in your shoot will fall flat. 

#2: Interesting Flatlays

While I love a good landscape invitation flatlay with all the pieces just so – we’re seeing a shift to less traditional styling, and the inclusion of shoes and other accessories with the paper goods.And if you’re working with masters of color and floral like I just was – you seriously cannot beat a good floral flatlay.

These detail shots also play very well on social media – so you’ll want to capture them not just for publication but to use in your long-term use of the shoot for your brand. 

#3: The ‘Nose-down’ Effect

This is gonna seem like a weird one, but studies have shown that people (esp. women) can more easily picture themselves in clothing – like a wedding dress – if the photo does not show the models eyes.   

This trick is used by wedding dress designers in their ads all.the.time. so it’s something people are used to seeing in the wedding space. 

All Photos by Mary Costa Photo