Yes, Harmony Creative Studio is actively booking weddings for 2023 and 2024. We know just how important weddings will be when this is all figured out. People will want to connect, your families will want to show you their love and support. Currently we are keeping abreast of all local and federal regulations, and actively working on plans to keep your guests and our staff as safe as possible. We are cautiously optimistic for the best but as always are making plans for all scenarios. 


Well, I can tell you one thing I know to be true: if that comes to pass, you will be in a far better position with an experienced wedding planner on your team.  As of this writing in early 2023, we have worked with over 20+ couples whose weddings were set for 2020 to reschedule their events while keeping their vendor teams and original plans as in-tact as possible. Leaning into our extensive knowledge base and wide network, we were able to make the process as smooth as possible, taking stress off the couple and allowing them to focus on other areas of their lives, as should be the case. Due to this, we now have a system in place to handle this if the need arises.               

Heck yes! We were so excited to announce in July 2020 launch of The Los Angeles Small Weddings Collective! Our Creative Director Margaux founded this new initiative to serve both couples affected by COVID-19 and the LA wedding community, which has been hit hard with event cancellations. 

Choose from 6 curated intimate wedding experiences from LA's best planners at 9 venues and featuring over 40 wedding professionals. We've thought of everything so you don't have to, from a marriage license delivered to your event to beautiful extras. All streamlined and stress-free. Visit the collective at the button below and learn more about the experiences. 

Questions about COVID-19 & wedding planning  

Are you still booking weddings?

Are you offering micro weddings?

What happens if we need to reschedule? 

Visit the LOs Angeles Small Wedding Collective to learn more!

Will you travel outside of los angeles? 

OK, so what is your pricing like? 

What is the average budget you work with?

Harmony Creative Studio is based in Los Angeles, but we do weddings across Southern California every year - from Santa Barbara to San Diego. We also love to travel for weddings in North America and Australia (Margaux lived there!), but currently we do not plan weddings outside of these areas. Travel fees apply to all areas more than 80 miles outside of Los Angeles. 

Most of the weddings planned by Harmony Creative are full planning + design, which all involve custom pricing. We do not structure our prices based on a percentage of budget - rather on a number of factors, including guest count, location, logistics, travel, etc. Our starting pricing for full planning + design is $8500, and then with that the usual spend for couples is somewhere between $9,000-15,000. We do have a flat rate for Month-of Coordination which is $2500, which is offered at a couple dozen venues in Southern California we are very familiar with. For more info on our pricing and packages, visit our services page HERE and click on the 'Pricing + Packages Information' button - you'll receive all info to your inbox!

While you can definitely have the wedding of your dreams on any budget - the typical spend of the couples we work with for full planning + design is around $80-200k. Our Month-of clients usually have budgets that start at $40k. has found in a recent poll that couples in Los Angeles usually underestimate their wedding spend by nearly $13k. In other words, you may not know what the actual budget for the wedding you want is. We can definitely help with that, so let's chat! Contact us and get more info HERE.  

Just the facts please 

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Nope! After several years of planning corporate and high-level community events, we decided years ago to focus solely on weddings because that's where our hearts are. Weddings are our jam and we're sticking to it. 

Do you plan other events?

My venue provides a coordinator - isn't that enough? 

Do you provide 'day-of' coordination? 

Short answer: No. Long answer: The venue provided coordinator is there for the VENUE. Harmony Creative Studio is there for YOU. A venue coordinator is often just a facilitator that ensures the venue rules are being followed, and the venue is protected. They might even help with a few things like logistics and a timeline, but always in the interest of the venue, its' policies and contract. If you're looking for someone to provide a stress free wedding day and planning process, and ensure your day represents you, that your guests are taken care of, that your vendors deliver what you've paid for, and that no small detail is missed - a venue coordinator is sadly not going to cut it. 

We fully believe that it is impossible for anyone to come on board very shortly before your wedding and provide a 'Day-of' service that will benefit you at all. We do offer Month-of Coordination (an 'execution-only' service) for a few select venues around Southern California. Get info HERE.

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Cannabis Weddings 
Weddings with guest counts in excess of 400+ 
'Adventure' Weddings or Elopements  

Do you work with LGBTQ+ Couples? 

What if we live somewhere else and want to get married in Socal? 

Are there any types of weddings you Don't plan?

It kind of breaks our hearts this needs to be asked, but yes, of course! Harmony Creative Studio welcomes couples of all faiths, nationalities, sexual orientations, races and cultures. 

Then you've definitely come to the right place! Roughly half of our couples in any given year are planning their SoCal wedding from afar. We have a great system in place to ensure that you still feel connected to to the process while not physically being here. 

Yes, there are a few types of weddings that we have made the decision as a company not to plan for one reason or another. We are happy to point you to a planner who specializes in these types of weddings, and who we know you will have an amazing experience with:  

No worries! We've got you!

Need a bit more? 


We know. There are plenty of weddings out there that are variations on a cookie cutter theme. That's not our style - and we know it's not yours either.    

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"There are no words to convey just how grateful we are for Harmony Creative Studio. To say that Margaux is incredible at what she does would be the understatement of the century!"

"They took an impossible task and turned it into our dream wedding in under 90 days."

— Josh, Groom

"We've said it before and we'll say it again - without her there would have been no wedding! The best wedding planner two indecisive introverts could ask for!"

"Margaux was the absolute best through this entire process!"

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