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insight for the newly engaged 

We know planning a wedding is like baking a cake without a recipe - you'd get it right eventually. But the first one will most likely be burnt, the second one inedible - and with a wedding you unfortunately do not have the luxury of a second chance. Wouldn't you rather have a little head start with help from a professional? Yeah, we thought so. These handy resources are what we have found couples need to get them started, while they figure out if they can or want to move forward with a wedding planner. 


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The Planner's Toolbox

Answers to all the questions we get asked the most

"Which wedding blogs and magazines do you actually read?"

"What is the difference between a 'wedding planner', a 'wedding coordinator', and a 'venue coordinator'?" 

"How do you stay so organized?"

......and all the rest!

There's so much out there, you can't possibly take it all in. Start here with our fave blogs, magazines + podcasts.

A full list of everything we have in our wedding 
day emergency kits. Over 120+ weddings, these 
are the things we know get used. 

During this uncertainty around COVID-19, there are things you can do now that aren't date, venue or vendor specific that you can work on while at home.


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Want to know the #1 question we get asked, and the advice we give all couples, no matter the planning timeline?

Our all-time, numero uno, absolute
best tip for couples who aren't in a position
to hire a wedding planner 

Do you need a planner or a coordinator, and what about that venue person - what do they do? How to ensure you hire the correct person for your needs.  

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