With over a decade of experience designing weddings throughout Southern California, Harmony Creative Studio makes your dream wedding feel clean, natural, and unquestionably yours. 

Clean, curated weddings grounded in proven strategy and effortless style.


Our trusted process creates extraordinary outcomes.
Take a moment to breathe while we craft the wedding of your dreams.

We Create Harmony




Life is a delicate balance: work and play, activity and rest. To add anything else to your list of responsibilities is to knock your life completely off balance. Planning a wedding? Out of the question.

But you have a very specific vision for how you’d like to celebrate your love. You just need someone you can trust to bring it to life—to design and execute your vision in a way that feels timeless, yet fresh.

Planning a wedding is a full-time job. You probably already have one of those. 

That’s where we come in.

Harmony Creative Studio produces award-winning minimal + organic weddings throughout Southern California.

Our wedding philosophy is to create balance: in design, planning, and execution. After all, a wedding is a balance between two people—distinct, yet harmonious.

Our events embody this balance. Integrating our strategy and eye for design with your personalized style, we create elevated wedding experiences that stay firmly rooted in who you are.

Enjoy every moment of your day knowing your unique vision was brought to life in the best way possible.


“She has an incredible ability to make really obscure, high-level thoughts into reality and is absolutely a pleasure to work with. Every time we would start getting stressed, Margaux would be there to save the day. 

This is the single best investment you will make for your wedding—just do it & watch the wedding of your dreams come to life! Margaux is genuinely the best. She deserves all the 5 stars above & more.”

Hiring Margaux was hands down, no doubt about it, the best decision we made when it came to our wedding.

dream client

Storyteller. Straight shooter. Spirit lifter. 

With 180+ weddings under her belt, Margaux partners with you to find your wedding harmony. Her background in retail consulting gives her unique insight into how a room’s setup and decor create a “vibe.”

With extraordinary accuracy, Margaux takes your wildest, most specific wedding ideas and makes them happen, with freshness and style.

Meet Margaux


What Sets Us Apart

There is beauty in simplicity. We revel in the natural, employing simple shapes and organic textures that ground your wedding in the here and now. Every detail is intentional—no cookie-cutter weddings here.

Organic Style

We aren’t just focused on “the pretty;” it’s also about making your wedding work. Our partnership begins with setting goals for your wedding and ends with a flawless event. 

Proven Strategy

With an extensive background in retail, Margaux deeply understands how shape, color, and texture influence perception and behavior. Each design element is selected with this in mind.

Unrivaled Experience

Bring harmony to your wedding day

With our clean, streamlined process and honest approach to design, let us help you build the wedding of your dreams.