At the core of our business is the idea that wedding planning should be a joyous, peaceful time. We strive to make that happen by bringing calm and strength to an otherwise chaotic process. 

Our main design principle is a clean, balanced aesthetic that feels fresh and uncluttered. We believe weddings are a balance of two people, different yet harmonious, and we aim for our events to represent that feeling. 

Yours and ours. Weddings are about your community of family and friends coming together to support you as you start your married life. Some of our favorite moments from events are watching the new bonds form that will act as the foundation for our couples' long term happiness. We also know we are only as strong as our community of peers, friends, family and vendor partners.

If all weddings were the same, we would be out of a job. It is our distinct pleasure to get to know our couples and discover how we can bring a creative personal touch to their wedding day. 

The lovely ladies and philosophy behind every beautiful event and happy couple.

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Mid-Century Architecture  -  All Things Gold  -  Manicures  -  Madewell Jewelry  -  Poppies  -  St. Stephen's Green in Dublin  - World Cup Soccer 
  Mocha Lattes  -  The Sweet Sounds of Motown  -  Surfing  -  Little Bourke St. in Melbourne  -  90's Nic Cage Movies

margaux LOVES

Hi there! I'm Margaux, and I started Harmony Creative Studio in 2011. Couples are always telling me how calm yet 'in charge' I seem on wedding days - and that is music to this Type 'A' personality! If there is one word that I love above any other - it's 'Harmony', so I went ahead and put it right in our name. I really think Gandhi had it right when he said "Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony." We strive for that everyday. 

Truth be told - I wasn't always a wedding planner. Working from a retail consulting background gives me a unique perspective on events: I know how people instinctively tend to move through spaces, and how they respond to different signs or prompts. I'm more aware of how guests interact with objects or touch and feel things, or why people respond to different textures and textiles. I've studied how language, colors and even shapes affect how people perceive design and value. I use all these tools plus my 10 years in the wedding industry to help build our events to be the best possible version of whatever you have in mind. 

I live in Santa Monica with my husband Chad and adorable terrier mix Clarence. I'm a SoCal girl born and raised, having lived just about everywhere from Santa Barbara to Temecula. 

Owner + Creative Director

margaux fraise

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Disneyland - Country Music - Anything Sparkly - CATS - Tacos
The Beach - Stripes - Rustic Chic Style 

megan LOVES

Megan loves all things pretty, classic + weddings! The true romantic of Harmony Creative Studio, she is the one who can't get enough of proposal stories, cute couple nicknames and how we can infuse our couple's love story into their wedding day. Megan has a fondness for people and  a natural disposition for hospitality. Her bubbly personality and calm demeanor make her a pleasure to work with - parents, guests and vendors alike are drawn to her huge smile and kind heart. 

Megan lives in Riverside CA, and in her free time she enjoys spending time with her family and her cat Bella. 

Associate Coordinator

Megan Durkee

The Color Blue - Horses + Llamas - Shakespeare - Labyrinth the Movie  All that Sparkles - Traveling

jessica LOVES

Jessica enthusiastically and diligently works to bring joy and happiness to the world in everything she tries her hand at. With an amazing work ethic and keen eye for detail, she can usually be found working as Margaux's right hand lady at our events, making sure every last thing is taken care of.  With experience in film production, charitable events and interactive experiences, Jessica's here to make sure your wedding goes off without a hitch!

Jessica lives in Highland Park, CA, and can also be seen in numerous commercials, films and plays as a talented actress. 

Associate Coordinator

jessica lenz


You take your career seriously, and we do too. We work with your busy life and make it our mission to ensure
a stress-free planning process.    

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Personal, Stylish, and Authentic

— Crystal Sanford, florist / Heirloom Design house

"I know things will go as smoothly as possible with Margaux in charge and that makes it a joy to work with her!"

"Organization and attention to detail set them apart."

— Diana McGregor, Photographer

"She has a keen eye for style and detail. Her organization provides the structure for the entire vendor team to product their best work."

"Margaux's professionalism is top notch."

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