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November 13, 2012


Gift Bags, Boxes and More: The Neon Box

By leaps and bounds, the most popular of all the HCS work floating around the interwebs is the Neon Bachleorette Box:

This little powerhouse has been pinned on Pinterest over 15,000 times, and is the most liked and viewed item on our Etsy page. While I know it is good work, and beautiful to boot – I’m inclined to think there are a few other reasons it is so popular, and why we have been asked to recreate it (and update it) many times over. These can be applied to any gift bag, basket or box you might be creating for a special event or a special person:

1.) It’s personal. I made this box with someone specific in mind – a friend who has a big, adventurous personality and a terrific sense of humor. Tailoring the box for her made it fun, and streamlined the process. It was a gift for everyone at her bachelorette party, but I wanted it to reflect her specifically. Things that are thrown together randomly read fake, and people can always tell when thought went into your gift.

2.) The design is bold, but not cluttered. Coco Chanel famously said, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” I think this is great advice for almost anything. Sometimes I see gifts where someone has gone overboard with bows, crystals or tissue paper – and I just want to reach over and pluck one or two things off, because it’s distracting from what otherwise is pretty packaging. More is not always better.

3.) It has an unexpected element. Neon is hot right now, let’s face it. But that is not always what people are drawn to. One of the things that people tend to comment on is the cute theme of the box –‘The Lost Weekend’, and the schedule that carries this theme out. A little humor and detail goes a long way, and it’s different than what people were expecting.

The box has found a few new forms as of late: A navy, orange and mint green Nautical theme for a stylish spa bash in Montauk, NY; Red, White and Polka Dots for A Taylor Swift ‘RED’ concert bachelorette in Nashville;  Cameos and pink cotton candy for a (super lucky!) 9-year old girl’s birthday party, and a hip holiday gift featuring a mini tree and eco treats.  We love making new versions just for our amazing + fun clients, scoot on over to our Contact Page and tell us more about your event and we’ll get started making something just for you!!