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February 7, 2020

Wedding Planning 101

Wedding Planning 101: Tips for Including Dogs in Your Wedding

Thinking about having your sweet pup at your big day? We love the idea, and have some tips for including dogs in your wedding!

Tip #1

Be honest with yourself about whether your pup has the temperament for the large crowds and excitement of a wedding day.

Tip #2

If going with flowers for your furry friend, make sure to work with (and listen to) your florist: they will know which flowers are sturdiest, which are non-toxic to dogs and how to give them a fighting chance to last most of the day.

Tip #3

If they can’t join you at the wedding, include your cuties in the morning of photos, engagement photos or post-wedding activities. You’ll definitely want to remember they were in your life at this special time.

Tip #4

Make a plan. You will be getting married. Who will be watching your pup? Who will walk with them in the ceremony if they are included? Where will they sit during it? Iron out these details with your planner and/or point people before the rehearsal and then actually rehearse with your pups if you are able – they may not like your plans and you’ll have to work on the fly.

Tip #5:

Enlist help. Pictured below, Linda’s adorable pooch Ares was brought to the wedding, cared for and then returned home by Mollie of Black Tie Kids while his parents and their family + friends celebrated. Easy peasy!

Remember: weddings can be overwhelming – not just for you but for your pups as well. Making a plan beforehand is just as important for them as for anything else on wedding day.

Photo Credits From Above: Katie Pritchard, Mr + Mrs. Wedding Duo, Laura Pedrino, Caca Santoro, Jon Cu and Gils Photography