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November 16, 2012


Gift Bags, Boxes & More: My Bridesmaid Gift Bags

**Hello friends from Pinterest! PLEASE NOTE: The specific tote bags used in these gifts ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE, so please do not email and ask where we got them. I’m so sorry, but this post is from back in 2012 – and we’ve just been receiving so many emails about this I thought I should make a note to let you all know.**

Someday (I promise!), I will get around to sharing all the little details from our wedding this past March. Until then, let’s end gifting week with a peek at the gift bags I gave to my lovely bridesmaids.

Now, please keep in mind I only had three ladies in my bridal party. If I had a larger group I probably would not have been able to do these gift bags, as some of the items were hard to find or too expensive for anything larger than a group of three. In hindsight – I would probably not recommend such elaborate gift bags for any future brides out there; it was pretty time consuming. It was fun for me – but then I am pretty obsessed with gift bags, as you most likely figured out with this entire week of blog posts and Facebook tips! With that disclaimer out of the way, here are the deets:

I was trying to decide what could be fun (and useful) for my three lovelies: 1. My sister, who I love dearly but is NEVER prepared, 2. My sister-in-law, who has two small children, a full time job and lives across the country from where our wedding would take place, and 3. My bestie, who owns her own successful business and was 4 months pregnant when we got married. With all that in mind, I decided to make a ‘Wedding Survival Bag’ for the girls, with everything under the sun they would need for the wedding. Here are the (self-admittedly overboard) contents, which were included in cute totes I found on sale at H&M:

Toms Shoes (different color for each girl, for the reception)

Fluffy Bathrobe (for getting ready)

Magazine (for boredom while waiting around)

Sunglasses, Flower Pin, Small Hair Flowers (Different color for each girl, if they wanted to accessorize their wedding look)

Bottle of Smart Water

Snacks (Banana, Granola Bar, Chocolates)

Tiny ‘Emergency Kit’ in 2”x3”x4” clear box from The Container Store (Included Bobby pins, band-aids, cotton balls, q-tips, tampon, mints, WISP disposable toothbrush, hair ties, Shout Stain Remover Wipes & safety pins.)

Beauty Bag with essentials, just in case (Included toothpaste, beauty samples, lint roller, tissues, hand sanitizer, travel deodorant, etc.)

‘Spa Kit’, for them to treat themselves the night before the wedding (Included fizzy bath salts, scented candle, sleep mask, rubber ducky  & dove soap.)

‘Day After Kit’ to help them recover from the festivities (Included foot soak, advil, clay mask, makeup remover pads and nail polish remover.)

Whew. I don’t think I forgot anything, but it’s possible! I know they didn’t use or need everything in the bag for the wedding, but they have all told me how handy it was then and afterwards, and that makes me smile ☺.

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