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January 29, 2013


Love In The Time Of Zombies – Inviting Guests

Ok, so you’ve survived the Zombie apocalypse so far, met a nice guy who’s still warm-blooded, and decided to settle down. Awesome! How will you let your surviving loved ones know about it?

– Guerrilla-style posters
Just as WWII England had ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ – there will undoubtedly be many state-sanctioned slogans and tangible public messages about the Zombie problem as modern technology slips away. Reading is probably not high on the Zombie agenda anyway. You can still make it pretty if you want!

– Spray-painted signals
Whether it’s a Banksy or just ol’ fashioned graffiti, it’s unlikely the Zombies are great art lovers either. With traditional printing now passé, mediums like this may be your best chance to get the word out.

– Carrier Pigeons.
Having joined our animal brethren in the fight against the undead, I think this system may be the best way to pass messages, including a sweet scroll with all your wedding info.

– Morse Code
Learn it, stat! Facebook is not going run itself in the aftermath ladies. Cheeky wording is key here – be creative!

And…..don’t let the undead spoil your engagement photos!!

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Tomorrow: It’s in the details – Favors, Food & Décor. Think of it as ‘Upcycled’, in the literal sense.