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January 28, 2013


Love In The Time Of Zombies

Zombies have been en vogue for the past few years – popping up in movies (‘I am Legend’, ‘Zombieland’), TV Shows (‘The Walking Dead’), and pop culture (Zombie Prom, anyone?).

In 2013, Zombies are about to hit the big-time with the release of the highly anticipated ‘World War Z’ in June, starring none other than Brad Pitt. There’s also a certain little known hottie by the name of….Ryan, um….Reynolds?….that will be starring as an undead Police Officer in a movie version of the comic ‘R.I.P.D.’, out in July.

But before all that, we have a little Zombie love <3. The film ‘Warm Bodies’, out this Friday, Feb. 1, is a ‘Twilight’-esque love story between a girl and (you guessed it) a Zombie.

This led me to think about the possibilities for love, marriage and weddings in the age of a Zombie apocalypse, which at this point has to happen eventually, right? Just science.

So this week leading up to the release of Zombie love story ‘Warm Bodies’, we’ll be coming up with all kind of possibilities for your wedding – in the time of Zombies. Don’t worry, you’re not marrying a Zombie, but frankly – it’s time to start planning for the inevitable – so we’re going to help you out, and hopefully make you laugh along the way.

Tomorrow: How would you save-the-date, exactly? Inviting those left to your post-apocalyptic celebration….and keeping out those unwanted undead.

Disclaimer: Please understand this is all in good fun, it is in no way meant to be serious. *wink*